What is Habitat for Humanity?

  • Habitat for Humanity is an interdenominational Christian Housing Ministry created by a group of caring people who blend their talents, time, and material gifts to assist those in need.  Its aim is to provide simple, decent housing for selected qualified families without dependence on charity.  Homes are built at cost and sold to recipients who would not qualify through the usual channels for affordable mortgages.  Mortgage contracts and deeds are legally binding and designated to prevent misuse of Habitat resources.
  • Habitat for Humanity operates throughout the United States and in many other countries.  The international office is in Americus, Georgia.

Habitat for Humanity of Paulding County OH abides by Habitat’s non-proselytizing policy.

Currently serving on our Board:

Clint Vance, President Jackie Scarbrough Laurie Lucus, Executive Director
Anthony Marlin, Vice President Michelle Gonzales  
Jane Gray, Co Treasurer Bart Schwarzbek  
Joy Sinn, Co Treasurer Mary Clark  
Mikayla Pieper, Secretary Shannon Ruschel  
Glenna Stabler Denise Gebers  

Currently serving on Habitat Committees:

Development Committee

Mikayla Pieper Michelle Gonzales
Jackie Scarbrough Glenna Stabler

Family Support Committee

Laurie Lucus Mary Clark
Jane Gray Glenna Stabler
Jan Commers  

Family/Site Selection Committee

Mikayla Pieper Clint Vance
Laurie Lucus Glenna Stabler

Nominations Committee

Bart Schwarzbek Joy Sinn Anthony Marlin Clint Vance

Construction Committee

Clint Vance Doug Burtch Dave Gordon
Anthony Marlin  Laurie Lucas Jackie Scarbrough

Finance Committee

Bart Schwarzbek Jane Gray
Joy Sinn  

Hog Run Committee

Jane Gray Joy Sinn Deb Hunter
Mary Clark Laurie Lucas Jackie Scarbrough
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